XXIII. Easter Regatta

Hvar , 10.04.-13.04.2019.

  1. Organizers

Sport organizer

JK "ANA" , Bakar under the jurisdiction of Croatian Sailing Federation.

General organizer

General organizer is PBZ Leasing, Radnička 44, Zagreb.

  1. Rules

2.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules (RRS).

2.2 Following rules will apply:

a) International Measurement System IMS

b) IMS  regulations

c) Special Regulations for Category 4 regatta

2.3 RRS changes

b) RRS 55 is ammended as follows: However, discarding elastic or wool bands when setting a sail will not be considered a breach of rule 55

2.4 In case of dispute text in English will prevail.

  1. Advertising

ISAF Code of advertising will apply. All boats shall display advertisements provided by the organizer which have to be displayed as forward as possible on the both sides of the first 20% of the hull. While not competing boats shall display flags given by the organizer. Organizer may also require setting the camera on the boat, at no cost to competitors, as well as devices for monitoring the position in real time.

  1. Eligibility

All sailing boats as follows:

ORC International: or  ORC club valid certificate for 2019.

All competitors shall be verified at their national sailing federations.


5. Divisions

Boats will be distributed in divisions depending of number of entries:

ORC cruiser / racer

Division  A - 16.5 >= CDL > 11.6

Division  B - 11.6 >= CDL > 9.8

Skupina C 9.8 >= CDL > 8.6

Organizer reserves the right to change criteria to form the divisions or group one division with another in case there are not sufficient entries to establish a division. All boats in ORC racer / cruiser divisions will start together and sail equal racing course.

Division ORC Nauta – amateur division (boats without movable ballast with main and front sail for which woven cloth has been used as main material (dacron-woven polyester or sail cloth impregnated with combined polyester-dyneema threads or similar.), only one front sail - genoa with mandatory furling for front sail, one spinnaker or one gennaker)
The organizer reserves the right to  sort the boats in groups at their own discretion.

Divisions will be scored separately. Race Committee may change the divisions  according to the number of registered boats. Division may be constituted with a minimum of five boats per division

Overall winner of Eastern Regatta will be declared according to overall rank of the A,B,C divisions in ORC cruiser / racer class.

  1. Entry fee and registration

Entries should be send to PBZ Leasing d.o.o. till April 8h 2019 phone numbers: 01/6363-600 and fax.01/6363-563, contact: Sanja Brozovic e-mail: regata@pbz-leasing.hr.  You can register through the online application form.

Entry fee per crew member is 100Kn and is payable on following account:
Jedriličarski klub A.N.A., Bakar
IBAN: HR4423600001101570184  , bank: Zagrebačka banka dd
Nautička 3
51222 Bakar, Croatia
kontakt: Sonja Vičević  051/711-814 sonja@anasail.com


  1. Registration

7.1 Each Owner or Skipper must personally register in the race office in the hotel Riva on Wednesday 10.04.2019 from 17:00 till 22:00 hours.

7.2 The following documents must be presented at registration:

a) Valid ORC International or ORC club certificate

b) Advertising license issued by respective National Authority, if sailboats displays any advertisement.

c) Crew List with names , licence number and weight for each member (weight is required only for ORC International system).

d)vignette CSF

This changes rule 78.2 RRS.

7.3 ORC certificate may not be altered after April 8th , 2019 unless prescribed by the Measurement committee and with the permission of the Protest committee.

7.4 Measurement protests by the boats may be accepted up to two hours after the entry list with ratings is posted.


  1. Program

Wednesday April 10th Registration

Thursday April 11th                10:00 race(s)

Friday, April 12th                    10:00 race(s)

Saturday , April 13th               10:00


For all divisions maximum 6 races is planned with upwind downwind and short offshore races. There will be no more than 3 races in one day.
Worse score will be discarded if 4 or more races are completed.

Announcement of the winners and award in Arsenal, April 13th, 2019 at 20:00 hours.

Organizer reserves the right to change the program.

  1. Measurement

All boats competing shall have valid ORC International or ORC Club certificate for 2019. Boats without a certificate can apply for a measurement to the CSF Measurement Committee chairman: Zoran Grubiša (tel./fax.051-371-045, e-mail: zoran@scor.hr) or to RC chairman Alen Kustić mob. +385 (0)915116955, e-mail uskrsnja@sailnet.hr. Application for the measurement shall be received till April 7th, 2019. Subsequent applications will not be accepted and boats without certificates will not be able to participate in the regatta. Boats will not be measured immediately before the regatta.

Boats intending to participate in Nauta division shall be inspected prior entry confirmation. Such boats are required to send photos of main and front sail and declaration of sail builder / charter provider about sail cloth material (sail material specification) to e-mail: uskrsnja@sailnet.hr. Boats that do not comply with previous condition may ask a control inspection till April 7th 2019. All which fail to comply with procedure defined in this paragraph may be inspected in Hvar on April 9th and April 10th , 2019 with respective fee paid to equipment inspectors.

A boat may obtain ORC International certificate through respective MNA - in Croatia authority is Croatian Sailing Federation.  Croatian Sailing Federation requires a fee to be paid for vignette for all participating boats

CSF office: (tel.+385 (0)21-345-788, fax. +385 (0)21-344-334, E-mail: hjs@hjs.hr)

  1. Sailing Instructions

Sailing instructions will be available to every registered boat upon registration.

  1. Nautical charts

Sailing instructions will mention Croatian Hydrographical Institute nautical charts.

  1. Berths and accommodation

The city of Hvar has provided free berths for the boats in the port of Hvar. Berths in ACI Marina Palmižana are available.

Organizers in cooperation with „Sunčani Hvar“ offers special accommodation prices for entries and their quests.

13 Media rights

Competitors, owners and their guests grants the organizer the right to use all photographs and video footage taken of persons and boats during the event in the media, including advertising, press materials for any other promotional activities, or press notices.

14 Prizes

Awards will be as follows:
- First boat in each division
- Second boat in each division

Organizer reserves the right to introduce additional prizes

15 Exemption from liability

All those taking part in the regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility. The organising authority, JK ANA,  PBZ, CSF and any other party involved in the organisation of the 23rd Easter Regatta disclaim any and all responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and materials, both ashore and at sea as a consequence of participation in the event. Each boat owner or his representative accepts these terms by signing entry form. The attention of competitors is drawn to ISAF Part 1 Fundamental Rule 4: A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing..

  1. More information

For further information please contact:

PBZ Leasing d.o.o.

Contact person: Sanja Brozovic


Tel. 01 6363 600

Fax 01 6363 563

E-mail: regata@pbz-leasing.hr