Lucky Skilful Winners

Luka Jerčić and the Poliklinika Drinković yacht crew, where Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, a Croatian Olympian, played an important role, are the winners of the 22nd Easter Regatta. After their win this morning in the qualifying regatta and earning their spot in the finals, they had a slow start and won the last place in the first race of the final group. Tonko Rameša won that regatta with Mario Kundih in the second place. However, Jerčić won the second regatta, Kundih was in the second place again, and Rameša in the third. There were real chances for all three crews in the third and final regatta – let the best ones win. Rameša and Kundih opened the regatta better but Jerčić hung on and advanced position by position – first who overtook Kundih by sailing downwind and then Rameša as well prior to the end of the second 'orca'. However, during the second regatta towards the finish line in the Hvar port, Rameša did the impossible and, with the assistance of a gust of wind, overtook Jerčić and built a lead equal to five boat lengths. However, he did not defend the height but went straight for the finish line using a gennaker. Jurčić took the gennaker down and used a genoa to sail a little further and, during the last fifty meters before the finish line, he slowly but surely overtook Rameša and victoriously crossed the finish line. Bravo for the Split crew and congratulations to the last year's winner on the fight that was uncertain to the very end. Mario Kundih won the third place and Nikola Dešković the fourth place. Congratulations to winners of all groups and to all those, who despite the bad weather forecast, participated in the Easter Regatta that has, once again, proven to be a tough nut to crack for crews who want to win.