The third day of racing at the Easter Regatta brought just enough wind to secure a regatta that allowed us to eliminate the worst result.
The Open group raced the navigational race in the Hvar channel. The start was in front of Podstine, followed by a circle around buoys in the channel to the Bay of Vlaka and then it was back to Hvar.
The most certain results were in the Open Racer group where the Polet Furioso yacht once again sailed its private regatta and took another win. There was a lot more excitement in the Open Naut group. The Xsirena crew took advantage of a start under mild wind conditions. Mario Kundih gave them a large advantage with his bad assessment at the start. As the regatta was unfolding, Kundih was taking over his competitors, and Levstik had a true Pyrrhic victory. He was the first one to cross the finish line but did not make a turn around Hrid Baba from the proper side and was disqualified. Even if he had won that regatta, Kundih would have made the finals with his real second place and secured his position in the final fights.
Real drama took place in the ORC group. The 5 to 8 knot wind was sufficient to proceed with the regatta. The crew of Tonko Rameša on X-Cite had an easy start and secured their place in the finals. The wind that was slightly turning right was not easy to read, but the Gringo crew did an excellent job with it. After a bad start, Poliklinika Drinković did a good job. Karlo Kuret on Xaviera made it to the finish line in the real third place after doing a great job sailing downwind. The formula had to decide who would make it to the finals.
As expected, it was Rameš in the ORC group and the crew of Poliklinika Drinković in the ORC B group thanks to their victory in the final regatta.